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Proctor-Silex 26500Y Belgian Waffle BakerPresto Waffle Maker 03510, FlipSide BelgianWaring Pro WMK600 Waffle Maker, Belgian DoubleWest Bend 6201 Waffle Maker, RotaryHamilton Beach Waffle Baker 26020, Belgian StyleBlack & Decker Waffle Maker, FlipCuisinart Waffle Maker WMR-CA, Round Classic
Proctor-Silex 26500Y Belgian Waffle Baker
Presto Waffle Maker 03510, FlipSide Belgian
Waring Pro WMK600 Waffle Maker, Belgian Double
West Bend 6201 Waffle Maker, Rotary
Hamilton Beach Waffle Baker 26020, Belgian Style
Black & Decker Waffle Maker, Flip
Cuisinart Waffle Maker WMR-CA, Round Classic

Top-Rated Waffle Makers and Buying Guide

Waffle makers are perfect additions to your contemporary kitchen. With the right brand of waffle maker, you will no longer need to go to a restaurant just to have a bite of the most delicious waffles.

During the earlier years, individuals are given very limited options for a waffle maker that is consumer grade. However, with technological advancement and innovation, it is now highly possible to purchase a premiere quality waffle maker at an affordable price.

Wide varieties of this kitchen appliance are now available both in offline and online stores. There are various appliance stores that are offering different brands. Several brands are also readily available, and accessible online wherein online shoppers are given options to find the one that perfectly suits their taste, preference and budget.

The availability of countless brands and options brought dizzy selections of styles, designs and features available. In such case, sorting out the best brand is quite tricky. You can rely on helpful buying guide to help you render the best and most practical buying decision.

Before making a final purchase, you have to take into consideration the type of waffle maker that you are planning to take. You can either go for used waffle maker or buy a new one. The choice will still depend on you and on some other essential factors.

Though buying a used waffle maker is a possible option, you must understand that this type may not function perfectly and consistently over time.

Chances are, this kitchen appliance cannot stand the test of time knowing that this was once used by previous users. It is therefore more practical to purchase a new waffle maker than go for the ones that have been previously used.

In order to end up with the most ideal brand, you have to be familiar about the top features that the best brand should have.

Top Features of a Waffle Maker

  • Size: This feature is highly significant when it comes to waffle makers. Some are available in compact designs while others are bulky. Before purchasing a waffle maker, you should assess the area of the room. You should also take into consideration the storage aspects. Failure to do these things, you might end up with a waffle maker that is either too small or too large for your space. The size of the waffles that are being produced is based on the size of the waffle maker itself. Some customers have the assumption that a small waffle maker produces small waffles and the larger ones make big waffles however, this is actually not true all the time.
  • Waffle Shape: The size of the waffles matter to users, and it would be a smart move to pay close attention to this before buying a waffle maker. Traditional waffle maker typically produce square and round waffles, but there are models that produce triangular, heart-shaped and fun shape waffles.
  • Waffle Thickness: The thickness of the waffle being produced should also be given attention to when buying this kitchen appliance. There are makers that produce thin waffles while other units or models produce thick finished products. The choice will somehow depend on individual preference.
  • Indicator Lights: This must be present in the brand of waffle maker that you opt to choose. If your waffle maker comes with these special lights, you will no longer have to do a lot of guesswork and spend hours of waiting for signs indicating if the waffles are done or not.
  • Thermostats: It would be best to choose a waffle maker with adjustable and internal thermostats to ensure exceptional results. You can conveniently cook waffles based on your preferences.
  • Models: You can pick either a flip model, digital or traditional model depending on your needs and requirements. Flip models allow users to flip waffles in a 180-degree angle while cooking. Digital models are the ones that are equipped with digital controls and timers and are typically more expensive as compared to other models. If you are looking for a heavy-duty model, you can go for a traditional model of waffle maker.
  • Color: Though this feature has no direct connections when cooking waffles, color is still one of the factors being looked upon to when buying a waffle maker.
  • Insulation: An ideal waffle maker must be insulated to make sure that the appliance does not become intensely hot to the touch.

There are several popular types of waffle maker these days that are competing for buyers’ attention and interest. These include classic round, stove-top waffle iron, and Square Belgian and Round Belgian waffle maker. The waffle iron is the type that is frequently demanded by campers and adventurers because this does not require electricity.

Individuals can use waffle iron when they are away from their comfort zones. Other types have their own distinct features and specifications. Buyers must be aware of these before they make their final purchase.