Hamilton Beach Waffle Baker 26020, Belgian Style

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For those people who love to make their own recipe of waffles, the best waffle maker they can have is Hamilton Belgian Waffle maker. This product is made from high grade of stainless steel for fast and easy waffle making without sticky mess. This waffle maker is also designed to make the best baked waffles for each time it is used.

Also, the compact design of this product makes it very portable and easy to store especially when not in use. Hamilton Beach 26020 is very easy to clean because of its non-stick grid that can cook four waffles.

The waffles that this product can make are perfectly baked. The light indicators of it will tell you whenever the power is on and when is the time to add batter. Also, this product is capable of making thick and fluffy waffles that your children will surely love.

The original classic design makes this product easy to be identifies. The color of it is black and its stainless steel construction provides a simple yet sophisticated look. The size of this product is typically small and this makes it convenient to keep. Once you’re done in making waffles, just wipe and slide it under the table counter.

Easy cleaning is also the advantage of this product. It does not require soaking and washing because all you need is a soft cloth and a spray of water to wipe the inside part of the machine. Also, Hamilton Beach 26020 is best to use when cooking food for breakfast because it can make two servings of waffles and making additional waffles will only take few minutes.

You can trust this waffle maker when you are in a hurry because this product is designed to make fast baked waffles. However, this product is not ideal to use in making round shaped waffles. That is because the Hamilton Beach 26020 can only make Belgian Style waffles.

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